Overloading the Machine

Top of the Hour, Tip of the Hat

George W. Bush in denim
says the violence has to stop
but days after clarifies
not necessarily immediately
but definitely without delay.

On the other side, you have
curiosity delay, where smaller copters say
people's necks are made of rubber
too they are craned over coffee
and cheap stolen paper.

The U-turns are somehow both contiguous and endless
double lefts, double takes, double exposure
is what bleeds through the gasoline, the paper,
and the airwaves — here's one for you
muffled Porgy audience via digital to me

the Trio never really only three
finds something to say in the one sweep look
stationary recline, when taking it all in
is easy like an eyedropper sway

one punch at a time the stones are flying
and the belts exploding
transportation, transposition, transatlantic
things are getting difficult
ages have changed schools and taught
new names by which to target siege
and here's one for you —

muffled words of floating
a line to your head
next fix thirty minutes
or at least without delay
in denim wait
for clarification
a "hunk of tin" lighting the way.

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