Overloading the Machine



To make a mirror:

  • tla archive-mirror john@wjsullivan.net--2005

To revert changes made locally to hello.c to what's in the archive:

  • tla file-diff hello.c | patch -R

To revert a mistaken commit (patch-104 for example):

  • tla replay --reverse mwolson@gnu.org--2006-planner-el/planner-el--devel--0--patch-104
  • tla commit --out-of-date-ok

To catch up with a main branch (ignore the specifics of the branch name, they are now outdated):

  • tla star-merge --three-way sacha@free.net.ph--main/planner--dev--1.0
  • tla log-for-merge >> ++name-of-log-file
  • Edit the log file, add a summary comment.
  • tla commit

See http://www.mwolson.org/projects/CooperationAndArch.html for more info.

To show diffs between two revisions:

  • tla get-changeset patch-3
  • tla show-changeset --diffs muse--johnsu01--0--patch-3.patches
  • tla show-changeset --diffs ,,delta.1152811960.17171.1/

Other useful things:

  • tla logs --summary -A mwolson@gnu.org--2006 planner--main--1.0: Shows the list of patches along with the log summary.
  • tla get mwolson@gnu.org--2006-planner-el/planner-el--devel--0 planner

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