Overloading the Machine

Music, for an Exit Poem

glass quiet turned tone resin
applaud the contours
a drama was here
curtains too

but give thought the layer
or finger the width
of there to stay

you made it true
in your stare at the painting
the painting, that's yours—
                  so why look?

      (looking for looked for
        in the here and now
        is past possible)

accent the audience
(cluster cough rides chatter pedal)
                  yours truly,
                  times three

I'm a little worried about:
mired in sequence
becase all the things you are
(cymbal crash)
is ended—see

we climbed there already
to seek solace no
because inkstained
or welled up inside

can one say overwhelmed
better than too much?
or beat a waterfall retreat
we hear century a little late
and say what I think
the standard should be.

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