Overloading the Machine

Loved Poem No. 3

quoting Matt Langley

"set out from color"
but found a boundary

at best, a fallen fence
at worst, weeds grown
at heart,

in our hands
there stood difference
the same under

a dive, a swim,
a pocket full
of flailing house keys
pairs of prankster
car keys we didn't hide
well enough

but we went far
from a certain date,
we may never—

made it
look shiny, past dents
spit and polish,
all the troubles
smearing by

against a fence but maybe
time, no guards to say,
step there, that's
the wrong way

hoarse with certainty
I knew—

I know
but where we started
a shoulder overlooked
the pattern we see,
"set out from color."

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