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Cooking Tips


Cooking times for things

all times calculated on my stove, YMMV

  • Sweet sticky brown rice: 50 minutes

Roasting vegetables


Scrub beets but do not peel.

Wrap each beet separately in aluminum foil. Place on a baking sheet and bake until the beets feel somewhat tender when squeezed, about 1ΒΌ hours.

Unwrap the beets. To peel, working one at a time, impale a hot beet at the stem end on a fork. Using a small knife or your fingers (careful), pare off the skin.


Roast at 425.

Pressure cooker

Unsoaked dried black beans

2 cups black beans, 5 cups water. Add a little oil to the water. Cook for 24 minutes. Remove from heat, let sit for 5 minutes, and slowly release pressure.

Unsoaked dried red beans

Cook for 40 minutes.

Delicata squash

Preheat oven to 400F. Peel squash with vegetable peeler. Cut in half lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds and pulp. Cut into 3/4in pieces. Put in a bowl and toss with olive oil and salt to coat. Spread in a single layer on a baking sheet covered with foil or parchment paper. Bake for 30-40 minutes, stirring 3 times.

Thyme is a good addition.

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