Overloading the Machine

A Trip Out at Night

Stout crabgrass in the ocean of revisited dark an occurrence
                                  escapes notice

In the night lane different humans undecided
and go on undeciding

The July before so intoxicated he thought himself a mighty wizard
Countless earlier than him misconceptions
Of a preferred instinct but did the guard-dog know

The innocent deceased by their odor
Was he shuttered as we majority are

A bit of that runs this yearning method he ruminated
this in scenes

Pacing in the white-knuckled evening snap with the celebrities as elegant
As ever vertical they own their personal star-side segment
Quite diminutive quite silent

Giggling complete above her visage her torso stroked
Into it also she was instructing him
She was such a gift he didn't relish where to appear

How annuals had altered him how they had swindled his real
Occasionally he willed his brain dearly departed
Every pre-prepared ripple a fresh begin frequently so

He summoned sufficient errors
                  for more periods.

Foreground the burning ballad
She had already rotated into an additional
pillow-talk tune

There were barely any minutes left to stand pat
Eyes open to ensnare a complete thought
like that a single gesture it entered he peered at it
but it did not return this instantn

She collected all of the things in out of the lamp
Where they dangled and died in the space looping him
An atmosphere in his home
A speechless icon

A southern pride song by a
Northern artist in the tavern

Seeing and speaking previews of alone
He revisited the come-back pinch

wherever you now

There is at least one cave-in to you
She can only cave-in if you
She grins it halts pouring no one will
Breathe the water

Stroll through the day
It decides the span the ever-present pooling
It works the hard way
It halts by the peak of the neighborhood and turns to you

All its entrances

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