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3.2 Creating Your Planner

Now that you have installed the files for Planner and Muse, you need to set some options to create your first planner.

Muse thinks in terms of projects. Each project consists of a group of documents and certain information associated with these documents. Planner is organized as a project within Muse. So, you need to tell Muse a bit about it.

Add something like the following code to your .emacs file.

First, give your new Planner project a name. In this case, we use the name, “WikiPlanner”.

     (setq planner-project "WikiPlanner")

Next, add an entry for your project to Muse's master list of projects. Don't forget to use your own name here in place of “WikiPlanner” if you have chosen something different.

     (setq muse-project-alist
              ("~/Plans"           ;; where your Planner pages are located
               :default "TaskPool" ;; use value of `planner-default-page'
               :major-mode planner-mode
               :visit-link planner-visit-link)
              ;; This next part is for specifying where Planner pages
              ;; should be published and what Muse publishing style to
              ;; use.  In this example, we will use the XHTML publishing
              ;; style.
              (:base "planner-xhtml"
                     ;; where files are published to
                     ;; (the value of `planner-publishing-directory', if
                     ;;  you have a configuration for an older version
                     ;;  of Planner)
                     :path "~/public_html/Plans"))))

This code should work fine as-is for you as long as the directories you see exist, and as long as you have no other Muse projects besides your planner.

The first directory (~/Plans) is the directory where the source files for your planner will reside. This is the directory where you will actually visit files and edit them. These files must have a “.muse” extension.

The second directory (~/public_html/Plans) is the directory where your planner files will be published by Muse as XHTML (see Publishing).

After you have added this code, make sure to either evaluate it or restart Emacs.