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last changeTue, 10 Feb 2009 06:56:20 +0000
2009-02-10 John Sullivan delicious now includes a comment at the end of the... master
2009-02-10 John Sullivan Update a few URLs, including rest-api.el dependency...
2009-02-09 John Sullivan Import other files in progress -- this code probably...
2009-02-09 <john@wjsullivan... Update. git-darcs-import
2009-02-09 <john@wjsullivan... Update.
2009-02-09 <john@wjsullivan... Wholesale import of local RCS work to use the new delic...
2009-02-09 <john@wjsullivan... Wholesale import from local RCS work to update to new...
2006-05-09 John Sullivan Replace defvars with defconst. These things really...
2006-05-09 <john@wjsullivan... Replace home-rolled parsing with xml library functions.
2006-05-09 <john@wjsullivan... ChangeLog updates.
2006-01-02 John Sullivan Fixed problem with `delicious-read-time-sting'.
2006-01-01 John Sullivan Removed extraneous cdr.
2005-12-21 John Sullivan Consolidation and bugfix in the search code.
2005-12-17 <john@wjsullivan... ChangeLog update
2005-12-17 John Sullivan Use assoc-default in many places throughout.
2005-12-17 <john@wjsullivan... Consolidate use of regular expressions for the deliciou...
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